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A Peplum Wish ft. Inbode


Hello peeps! Hope you all are doing well. We are back with yet another post. 

This time, we have collaborated with an upcoming online brand called INBODE by some very talented people which is launching soon this august.


Wondering what the name means? Even we were confused in the beginning as to what it means or what is the relation of this word to the brand. But it’s as tricky as it gets. ;) Okayy no more suspenses, the word INBODE stands for Intelligent Body Design (IN-BO-DE).  As interesting as the name sounds, this is one hell of a new concept.

Let me take you through a quick brief about the brand, and then i will tell you, how I made these looks more interesting with a pinch of my own sense of style. Basically its a great and a unique idea put together to create a platform for people who can shop easily and smartly through this online portal. You can visit the website, put in your measurements, and body type, a special algorithm has been created which will do a computerised calculation, and you will get your perfect size for which you don’t even have to step out of your place and go to a boutique or a store. Further, you will be provided consultation regarding what type of clothes you should wear and how you can be best dressed. Yes guys, its an online boutique. You can also buy clothes and customise them according to your own sense of style. 


Now, Let’s talk about the way I created my looks with the beautiful garments that I got from INBODE.